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Welcome to Loans After Bankruptcy

You Filed For Bankruptcy? You Still Can Buy A House!

Just because you have filed for bankruptcy doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get a mortgage to buy a new home

Buy A House

The home buying process does not have to be difficult. Loans After Bankruptcy Team works diligently 7 days a week to make sure you close on your home on time.


Why not save tens of thousands of dollars by reducing your monthly house payment and/or paying off high interest debt by refinancing your home with a lower interest rate?

Mortgage Calculator

Calculating your home purchase or home refinance mortgage loan is not too difficult with our mortgage calculator. Utilize the mortgage calculator to calculate...


Before shopping for a mortgage, there are several factors that you should consider. Read more about common questions and answers.

Why Choose Us?

If you want the most professional and educated group in the business you will choose Loan Consultants and USA Mortgage. With decades of experience in the mortgage industry, we can get you a loan when everyone else has told you “no.” We have excellent programs that we use with the goal of getting you into the house of your dreams.

The Differences Between Us and Others

Loans After Bankruptcy was born out of the belief that everyone deserves to own a beautiful home. We take a vested interest in each one of our clients and we will not stop working until we get you an excellent loan. When you work with Loan Consultants you are treated as a member of our family and your loan will be treated with the hands-on and knowledgeable approach that you deserve.


People that are interested in VA Loans need to know there are VA Loans FAQs that will be answered in the following article.

FHA Loan

The 2017 FHA Guidelines have some changes that may considerably affect the ability for potential homeowners to get qualified for mortgage loans.

Jumbo Loans

Jumbo Mortgages are mortgage loans that exceed the “Conforming Loan” maximum limit of $453,100. IF you don’t know what...

NON-QM Loans

When tooth decay gets too advanced, the procedure involves cleaning the inside of the roots to avoid infection and complications

Meet The Mike's Team

Highly trained professionals ready to provide the best treatment, be gentle and give you a pleasant experience

Mike Gracz

National Sales Manager

Expert in FHA, VA and Conventional Loans

Dora Ali

Senior Mortgage Banker

Expert in FHA, VA and Conventional Loans in Texas

Joe Garza

Senior Mortgage Banker

Expert in FHA, VA and Conventional Loans in Texas area

Syed Ali

Mortgage Banker

Expert in FHA, VA and Conventional Loans in Texas area

Bianca Piverge

Mortgage Banker

Expert in FHA, VA Loans in a state of Georgia

loan after bankrutpcy

Bankruptcy Chapter 7 & 13 Issues

When mortgage rates are dropping, that is normally a time for you to think about reducing your monthly payment and look to refinance as this lower interest rate will cause less of your payment going to interest. With a Conventional Refinance where you have 20% or more equity in the home you will have your private mortgage insurance removed and if you don’t have 20% equity, your PMI will still go down and will cost a lot less than FHA mortgage insurance premiums.


Completed transaction in August 2018 in Waycross, GA. Bianca is very thorough and will make your mortgage process painless and successful.

Nina L.

New Home Owner

Completed transaction in August 2018 in Waycross, GA. Michael is very thorough and will make your mortgage process painless and successful.

Edward G.

Home Owner

Completed transaction in June 2018 in St Charles, IL. Michael was extremely helpful. She made the process go along quick and easy, best of all she was to the point and honest. There was no reading between the lines, to me that is extreamly important in the entire process.

Frank G.

New Home Owner

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